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Does your business or other enterprise maintain a Business Continuity Plan? The development, integration and maintenance of continuity considerations and capabilities is a shared responsibility of the whole community, and helps build a more resilient nation equipped to sustain essential functions, deliver critical services and stabilize community lifelines under all conditions. Download the template by clicking this hyperlink!

This template has been developed by the City of Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness Division and incorporates elements provided by Ready.gov and DisasterSafety.org. The intent is to provide a wide array of planning tools and considerations; not all components of this template may be applicable to your organization or business. This document is designed to address a wide audience. 

Plan and prepare your:
  • Staff by reviewing planning and preparedness activities for the protection of your staff.
  • Surroundings including those elements that potentially pose a threat during an event, such as fences, flagpoles, and trees.
  • Space including the contents of your workspace, such as inventory, filing cabinets, shelving, and other furniture.
  • Systems including utility systems that support the operation of the building and are generally located on the roof.
  • Structure including architectural and structural elements of the building, especially construction types that may be vulnerable to damage or failure during an event.
  • Services including opportunities for your organization to engage and serve the community following an event.