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First Responder Awareness Sticker Program

April 11, 2024
On April 1, 2024, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Missing Persons Unit in partnership with the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department and JaxReady recently started a new program, called First Responder Awareness Sticker Program.
The sticker is designed to alert first responders that someone at their residence and/or inside a vehicle may have Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia, or another developmental disability.  The sticker will give law enforcement, rescue, and fire personnel an advance notice that there may be someone present that could be in special need of assistance, involved in a crisis, or could be lost from the response location.  The sticker program is for awareness only and first responders should act accordingly given the specific situation at the time of response.
The Missing Persons Unit will be issuing up to three stickers per household.  One sticker for the residence and up to two stickers for vehicles belonging to caregivers.  They will be displayed near the front entrance of the residence and on the rear window of the vehicle.  Anyone in need of a sticker should be referred to the Missing Persons Unit at 904-255-2712 or JaxReady at 904-255-3172.  Stickers will also be distributed by our partners, Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department and JaxReady via the City of Jacksonville’s Emergency Preparedness Division.