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May is National Water Safety Month

May 10, 2023
May is National Water Safety Month, and as summer approaches, we want  to ensure that everyone is JaxReady before they go to the beach.  Always stay within your ability and check with the lifeguards if you are unsure about the safest areas for you and your family.
Duval County has 15 miles of coastline with an abundance of public access to area beaches for residents and visitors to enjoy. While our beaches provide many beach-related activities to enjoy, such as surfing, swimming, fishing, and boating- it is important to remember to partake in these activities safely. 
  • Never swim alone
  • Always swim in front of a lifeguard
  • Heed warnings from lifeguards
  • Never underestimate the ocean's strength
  • Never swim if lightning or a storm is approaching
  • In case of emergency, call 911 if a lifeguard is not on duty. Do not attempt to rescue someone in distress