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Safe Online Shopping This Holiday Season

November 17, 2021
The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and online shopping has become a convenient way to purchase many of the items you need. While yes, online shopping is convenient, it is a prime space for cybercriminals and fraudsters. Scammers can attempt to obtain our information for financial gain or manipulate us into buying goods that we won’t receive. Use the tips below to avoid being taken advantage of when shopping online:
  • Beware of emails, texts, or other promotions that seem “off” or encourage you to click links urgently. If you receive an enticing offer, do not click on the link- go directly to the business website instead to verify the offer’s legitimacy. 
  • Before purchasing from a new website, read reviews to hear what others are saying about the business. In addition, look for verifiable information about the company, such as a physical address and phone number for customer service. 

  • Using a credit card offers more protection should your information become compromised, or you need to dispute a purchase. In addition, if the merchant accepts third-party payment options, you can avoid giving your credit card information directly. 

  • Use caution when completing the check-out process and be aware of the personal information being collected. Only complete the required fields and do not store your payment information in your profile. 

  • Check your credit card and bank statements during and after the holiday season for any unauthorized activity. 


Safety and Security Tips:

  • Be sure that all internet-connected devices are free from malware and infections by running the most current versions of the software available.

  • Create long and unique passwords for all accounts and use multi-factor authentication when possible. 

  • Don’t use public wifi to make purchases or login to secure accounts. Instead, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your phone as a hotspot. 


For more information about staying cyber secure, visit this hyperlink