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Active Shooter Response

An active shooter is an individual engaged in attempting to kill people in a confined space or populated area.  Active shooters typically use firearms and have no pattern to their selection of victims. Learning what to do now can help you react quickly when every second counts.
If you determine that you can reach an escape path to a safer area, then get out!
  1. Be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Have an exit plan.
  3. Move away from the threat as quickly as possible.
  4. Create as much distance between you and the threat as possible.
If you can’t evacuate, find a secure place to hide out.
  1. Create distance between you and the threat.
  2. Find barriers to prevent or slow down the shooter from getting to you.
  3. Turn off the lights and silence your phones.
  4. Remain out of sight by hiding behind large objects.
  5. Be quiet.
As a last resort, if you can’t hide out and if you have absolutely no other option, confront the active shooter.
  1. Be aggressive, yell, and commit to your actions.
  2. Do not fight fairly - Throw items and use improvised weapons.
  3. Survive by any means necessary.

Call or text 911 when it is safe to do so.

Information To Give 911:

  • Location of the active shooter(s)
  • Number of shooter(s)
  • Physical description of shooter(s)
  • Number and type of weapons help by shooter(s)
  • Number of potential victims at the location

The first officers on the scene will not stop to help the injured; their top priority is to end the threat. Rescue teams will move in after the first officers. They will treat and move the wounded to safety.