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Contacting 911

In an emergency, call or text 911 to report an incident that you believe requires response or intervention of law enforcement, the fire department, or emergency medical services. The professionals answering the 911 call will determine which agencies or units should respond and how quickly they need to reach the incident. 

What Happens When You Contact 911
  • The operator will gather information to get help started
    • What is the address of the emergency?
    • What is the phone number?
  • Tell the operator exactly what happened.
    • The operator needs to gather information to assist emergency personnel for the most accurate response.
    • The operator will ask a short series of questions to determine if any pre-arrival instructions are required.
    • Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and follow any instructions you are given.
  • Operators will get help started while they gather additional information for responders. It is essential to answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.
How to Text 911
  • Text from as safe a place as possible (get out from harms way, if you can)
  • Enter "911" in the recipient field (no dashes, dots,etc.)
  • Give the location and what is wrong FIRST
  • You will receive a text asking for more information
Be patient- text takes longer thant a voice conversation.

Duval County 911 dispatch centers also utilize an application called Rapid SOS, which provides emergency health profiles and more accurate location information. Android and Apple users can register at this website to provide essential information in case of an emergency. 
Hearing Impaired
All 911 Public Safety Answering points in the state of Florida are required to have TDD capability for communications with the hearing and speech impaired. 
Non- English Speaking Callers
All Duval County Public Safety Answering Points have translator services available for non-English speaking callers.