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Emergency Environmental Control for Assisted Living Facilities

Emergency Rule 58A-5.036 & 59A-4.1265 Plan Criteria

In an effort to assist Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities meet the criteria of the Emergency Environmental Control Plan; the City of Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness Division has put together this list of essential criteria to assist you with development of your plan.  If you have any questions, please contact Captain Jim Schaudel at 904-255-3116.

Emergency Power Plan Criteria

  1. Facility name, address, administrator and contact information.
  2. Facility type (nursing home or assisted living)
  3. Identify areas in your facility that you plan to keep below 81 degrees.
  4. Square footage of the area identified to keep cool.
  5. Identify how many people (residents and staff) the area to be cooled will accommodate.
  6. Identify what kind of equipment will be used to cool the areas identified (HVAC. Portable A/C, Window A/C).
  7. Provide a statement on how you plan to move residents to the identified location.
  8. Identify if beds will be located in the area to be cooled.
  9. Describe how staff will ensure the area does not exceed 81 degrees and how/ often the temperature will be monitored.
  10. Describe make, model and size of generator(s).
  11. Describe if the generator(s) is/are fixed or portable.
  12. Describe where the generator(s) is/are located at your facility.
  13. Describe if the generator(s) fuel source is gasoline, diesel or natural gas.
  14. Describe what emergency features the generator(s) is/are capable of powering (light, fridge, A/C unit, etc.)
  15. Describe how much fuel is located on site, where it is stored and how long it will provide fuel for the generator (minimum requirement is enough fuel for 96 hours or 4 days).
  16. Describe how the generator(s) is/are connected to supply emergency power to cool the facility.
  17. Describe the plan/procedure for initiating generator power.
  18. Document how the emergency generator(s), fuel supply and all equipment will be protected from debris and any impact.
  19. Describe how the facility will refuel before and after an emergency.  If a fuel agreement is established, please provide the agreement.
  20. Describe how training will be provided to ensure staff is aware of how to operate the emergency power to the facility (this section may not apply to facilities with automatic transfer switches).
  21. If your facility is planning on installing a fixed generator(s), a construction implementation timeline will need to be submitted with your plan.
  22. If you will be installing a fixed generator(s) to run the HVAC, a certified HVAC letter approving the tonnage required to cool the space indicated.
  23. If not sure what size generator(s) is required to meet the needs of your facility, a certified electrician will need to be contacted.  The Emergency Preparedness Division cannot provide this type of information.  If installing a fixed generator, a certified electrician letter with a quote specifying generator capacity required to run HVAC system and fuel for 96 hours may need to be provided.
  24. Ensure to comply with all the required county and state codes.
  25. Submit plan to City of Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness Division.  CEMP@coj.net
  26. Submit plan to Agency for Health Care Administration.  Emergencyrule@ahca.myflorida.com
  27. Submit plan to Department of Elder Affairs.  alfemp@elderaffairs.org

Please be aware that this plan does not guarantee that your facility will be successful in its execution during the event of an emergency. Approval of your plan indicates that you have met the established criteria required by 58A-5.036 & 59A-4.1265.

Emergency Management Planning Criteria for Emergency Environmental Control 58A-5.036 & 59A-4.1265.

Click on one of the links below to download a copy of the Plan Template formulated by the City of Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness Division. All nursing homes and assisted living facilities are encouraged to download and fill out this template.

Here are more resources to gather information regarding emergency rule 58A-5.036 & 59A-4.1265, formerly 58AER17-1& 59AER17-1:

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Procedures Regarding Emergency Environmental Control for Assisted Living Facilities

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Procedures Regarding Emergency Environmental Control for Assisted Living Facilities (PDF)http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/doea/pubs/pubs/Emergency_Notice.pdf

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Emergency Rule Filed by Department of Elder Affairs at Direction of Florida Governor Rick Scott

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Assisted living facility emergency power plans must be submitted to the local emergency management agency and the Department of Elder Affairs at: ALFEMP@elderaffairs.org

Nursing home emergency power plans must be submitted to the local emergency management agency and the Agency for Health Care Administration at:  Emergencyrule@ahca.myflorida.com