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Submit Your Health Care Facility Plan

Licensed Health Care Facilities should develop Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP) for submission to the Duval County emergency management agency.  This is not only a good idea for the facilities and the patients they care for, it's required by various Florida Statutes.  The criteria in the forms below will serve as an acceptable plan format for a CEMP and will also serve as the compliance review document pursuant to state laws.

Who Should Submit:

  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers [FS 395.1055(1)(c)]
  • Adult Daycare Centers [FS 58A-6.011(10)]
  • Assisted Living Facilities [FS 429.41(1)(b)
  • Hospitals   [FS 395.1055(1)(c)]
  • Intermediate Care for the Developmentally Disabled [FS 400.934 (20)(g)]
  • Nursing Homes  [FS 400.23(2)(g)]
  • Group Homes licensed by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities [FS 393.067]


  1. Open a form and fill it out on your computer in Microsoft Word.
  2. With the completed form still open, choose File > Send To > Mail Recipient (as Attachment) to send the form as an attachment in the e-mail.
  3. Microsoft Outlook* will open and create a new e-mail message with the completed form as an attachment.
  4. In the To field enter CEMP@coj.net
  5. Click Send.

You should also save a copy of the completed form on your computer for your own reference.

*If you are using an e-mail platform other than Microsoft Outlook, you may have to save the document to your computer first and then attach it to your e-mail.

Facility Forms:

Forms are available below as Microsoft Word files.

Adult Daycare Facilities

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Assisted Living Facilities


Intermediate Care for the Developmentally Disabled

Nursing Homes

Group Homes licensed by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ADP) should use the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) template.  

In addition to the facility form, we need the following attachments:

  • A copy of your CEMP
  • Floor plan of your facility
  • A JFRD passing fire inspection (inspected annually)
  • Copies of all shelter agreements (renewed annually)
  • Copies of all transportation agreements (renewed annually)
  • The make, model, and passenger capacity of any facility owned vehicles used as evacuation transportation
  • A minimum of two (2) disaster emergency contacts with names and phone numbers

A Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is prepared and updated annually. Such standards must be included in the rules adopted by the agency after consulting with the Division of Emergency Management.

At a minimum, the rules must provide for plan components that address:

  • Emergency evacuation transportation;
  • Adequate sheltering arrangements;
  • Post-disaster activities, including emergency power, food, and water;
  • Post-disaster transportation; supplies; staffing; emergency equipment;
  • Individual identification of residents and transfer of records, and responding to family inquiries.

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is subject to review and approval by the local emergency management agency. The local emergency management agency shall complete its review within 60 days and either approve the plan or advise the facility of necessary revisions.