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Recovery Plans

Recovery Plan (2017)
The Recovery Plan is a planning and operations – based document that provides guidance for the short and long terms aspects of recovery from a major disaster.  It is a support document to the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.  The plan will guide the stakeholders for an efficient, integrated and comprehensive transition process from response to recovery operations; providing the framework for effective disaster assistance to impacted individuals, localities, housing concerns, reconstruction activities, government reconstitution and mitigation initiatives.  

Post-Disaster Recovery Plan (2012) 
The Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan is developed to create a road map that spans from short-term recovery to long-term recovery and redevelopment. It provides Duval County with a holistic, over-arching strategic, interdisciplinary, interagency plan for guiding decision making.   

To request a copt of these plans, please email JaxReady@coj.net.