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Frequently Asked Questions

What Evacuation Zone Am I In?
You can locate your evacuation zone by address at this hyperlink, or you can download the JaxReady app and it will tell you which evacuation zone you are in based on your current location. 
How Do I Register For The Special Medical Needs Registry?
Visit this webpage for instructions on how to register or contact the Emergency Preparedness Office by phone at (904) 255-3110.

The registry is updated throughout the year. Each client must re-register every year to remain in the system.
When Should I Evacuate?
Always follow evacuation orders from local officials. If you are in a Mandatory Evacuation Zone, take action immediately. If you do not feel safe, seek shelter elsewhere. If you do plan to evacuate, do so as early as possible. Keep in mind that you may not need to travel a far distance to safely evacuate. Moving to a non-evacuation zone may be sufficient.
If I Do Not Evacuate, Can I Still Get Help?
Emergency responders may have difficulty reaching you during a disaster. Roads may be inaccessible due to water, debris, or other hazards. Emergency responders will follow mandatory evacuation orders and may not be able to help those who do not evacuate.
Where Are Shelters Located?
Duval County has numerous evacuation shelters, most of which are located in schools. Keep in mind that not all shelters will be open. Do not go to a shelter until it is announced that it is open. Open shelter locations will be announced on the JaxReady app and on JaxReady.com
Will City Services Be Interrupted?
Depending on the severity of the incident, services such as garbage collection may be delayed. Check for announcements regarding potential interruptions.
Does Homeowners Or Renters Insurance Cover Flood Damage?
No. Standard homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies do not cover damages caused by flooding. A separate flood insurance policy is necessary to protect against flood losses. Flood insurance
is available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). For more information on flood insurance, contact your insurance agent or the NFIP directly at 800-427-4661 or floodsmart.gov.
Should I Purchase Flood Insurance?
There is typically a 30-day waiting period following the purchase of flood insurance. Additionally, insurance policies cannot be written or modified once a storm impacts the Gulf of Mexico or western Atlantic. Contact your insurance agent today to ensure that you are covered.
How Can I Protect Myself From Contractor Fraud?
  • Only hire a licensed contractor.
  • Be cautious of anyone coming to your home uninvited and offering to do repairs.
  • Obtain a written estimate or contract for work to be completed.
  • Do not pay in full before work begins or pay the final balance until work is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Do not pull permits for the contractor, as this may be an indication that they are not properly licensed.
Visit myfloridalicense.com to check if a contractor is licensed.
What Do I Need To Bring To An Evacuation Shelter?
  • Air mattress, blankets, pillows, or other bedding
  • Food, water, and medication
  • Identification and important documents
  • Games, toys and books
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Additional safety, hygiene, or comfort items
  • Your emergency supply kit