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Passport Health of Central and Northeast Florida

By Appointment Only
Call: 904-824-0577
Cost: Standard fee of $75; final costs dependent upon medical insurance carrier.
Criteria: Active infection testing is offered if you are currently experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have knowingly been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or showed similar symptoms to Covid-19.  Immune response testing (Antibody testing) is available for patients who are not currently showing symptoms of Clovid-19 or haven’t had symptoms in the last 14 days. The test is also available to individuals who have never showed Covid-19 symptoms. 

Please call 904-824-0577 for more information or to schedule an appointment.
Process: Healthcare providers at Passport Health will collect a sample using either a nasal or throat swab or a blood sample (Antibody Test only). Shortly after the sample is collected, it is then sent to a lab for diagnostics.
Results: Results are provided in 4-5 days electronically by email or by checking the Passport Health electronic patient portal.