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Late in the evening of January 28, 2024, the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responded to a fire at the RISE Doro apartment complex in downtown Jacksonville. The fire rapidly intensified, prompting over one hundred firefighters to engage in the firefighting efforts. Firefighters exerted their best efforts to contain the blaze and prevent it from affecting nearby businesses. However, given the location and scale of the RISE Doro complex, there are repercussions for the surrounding area. Details about these impacts are provided below.
When is the RISE Doro apartment demolition beginning?
As a seven-story structure with significant damage, the RISE Doro apartments pose an immediate threat to the surrounding area and businesses. The building has been condemned and the demolition process is moving forward safely and swiftly.
The demolition company (Elev8) has been hired by the property owner and equipment was moved to the site January 31 and February 1. The demolition process began on the morning of February 2. It will proceed through the weekend and into next week with a daily 10-hour shift.

Why is the RISE Doro apartment demolition proceeding so quickly?
The RISE Doro building has been so severely damaged that there is a potential for collapse at any moment. For the safety of first responders, investigators, and the public, no person is allowed to enter the wood frame portions of the building. This determination has been made by City of Jacksonville engineers, the Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department, and investigating authorities.
Additionally, the potential collapse zone of the seven-story building extends across the adjacent streets, sidewalks, and surrounding businesses. The demolition is proceeding as quickly as possible to maintain public safety, while limiting the financial impact and risk of collapse onto nearby businesses, which must remain closed during the demolition process.
Expedited demolitions are not a new policy or practice. They have been utilized many times in the past on buildings that are condemned for public safety reasons. In those cases, the buildings were demolished safely and swiftly.
Will this impact investigations into the fire’s cause?
Investigations by the Florida Bureau of Fire, Arson, and Explosives; U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; and the property owner’s insurance company have been underway, and that work will continue in parallel to the demolition work. The investigating organizations are collecting information by other means. Given that no person can go into the building itself, there was not a reason to endanger public safety by holding up the demolition process.

What closures are currently in effect around the RISE Doro apartment building?

The map provided below illustrates the affected areas aimed at safeguarding businesses and residents.

The closures include:

  • E. Adams St.: Spearing St. to N. Georgia St.
  • E. Forsyth St.: Lafayette to A. Philip Randolph St.
  • Lafayette: E. Adams to Gator Bowl Blvd.
  • A. Philip Randolph St.: E. Duval to Gator Bowl Blvd. 

Additionally, sidewalks within these zones are also closed. These road closures will not impact the DONNA 5k on Saturday, February 3.
A temporary flight restriction is in effect until February 9 in the airspace surrounding the apartment. For the safety of the demolition crew, please do not fly drones in this airspace.

How long will these emergency closures last?
The City of Jacksonville, in coordination with the RISE Doro owner, is striving to minimize impacts on the surrounding area and businesses. Ongoing assessments will dictate when area businesses and roads can reopen.
Why are these closures in place?
Structural engineers have evaluated the RISE Doro building, identifying significant damage that has compromised the building’s integrity. Following this assessment, the City of Jacksonville, adhering to municipal codes [518.111], deemed the Rise Doro apartments an unsafe structure and subsequently condemned the building [518.301]. As a seven-story structure, it poses an immediate threat to the surrounding area. City officials, collaborating with structural engineers, have worked to minimize impacts on the area while ensuring public safety.
How long will the demolition process take?
Demolition is scheduled to commence on Thursday, February 1, 2024, with the contractor, Elev8, aiming to complete the process swiftly and safely.
Who can I contact for more information?
For additional information or specific questions about the impact timeframe, please contact Municipal Code Compliance at codeenforcement@coj.net or call (904) 255-7000.